Why your app needs a solid app user acquisition strategy

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Apps are the beating heart of modern-day technology and form an integral part of day-to-day activities. Countless hours go into the development and fine-tuning of an app. You invest a lot of time and money and obviously want a return on these investments. But how to supercharge your app user acquisition strategy to gain an edge?

In an app-driven world, where people spend more time on their mobiles than watching TV or engaging in other activities, you face the immense challenges associated with getting your app noticed, driving its engagement and – above all else - generating revenue.

The combined Android and iOS app revenue for 2020 totaled $111bn. Every app developer wants a piece of this staggering money pie, especially as its forecast to grow to $250Bb. 

That’s why a targeted mobile app acquisition strategy is not just a nice-to-have. It’s an essential tool to target, acquire, and retain paying users.

You will also fail to generate the big bucks if your strategy doesn’t support and incorporate a paying user strategy. Simply stated, designing, and publishing an app is not enough to guarantee its triumph.

We provide an innovative and leading approach to paying user acquisition for app marketing UA campaigns. This means taking the guesswork out of targeting and acquiring paying users. Providing an easy-to-use solution with a measurable approach that is proven to deliver.


What is a mobile app user acquisition strategy?

App user acquisition should revolve around paying users – users who pay drive your app’s success and revenue generation. Often UA campaigns are wasteful because the majority of new users will never spend any money on your app. Mobile app user acquisition is an involved and detailed marketing process. This undertaking centers on:

  • Initiating app installs.
  • Generating more app users by focusing on paying users by country, region, or user behavior.

User acquisition campaigns underpin these initiatives. Careful data analyses of user behaviors and app paying trends drive these strategies to:

  • Eliminate wasteful and meaningless ad campaigns. 
  • Establish profitable returns on investment (ROIs).

Your mobile app user acquisition strategy and approaches are the foundation for your app’s success. When you consider that approximately 80% of an app’s revenue comes from a 5% paying user base, you can certainly understand the importance of paying app users.


Take the next step to secure paying audiences 

We specialize in custom audiences that you use to focus your social ads straight to users who pay in similar apps, so are more likely to pay in yours. 

Built form $bns app purchase data, these custom audiences enable your mobile app user acquisition and paying user acquisition campaigns to reach proven payers for similar content, increasing the conversion of new payers and accelerate revenue generation.

The paying user acquisition arena is fiercely competitive and ever-changing. Engage Bango Audiences to facilitate and boost your app’s overall success.