Webinar: UA masterclass for app marketers

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Leading industry players in the app marketing ecosystem took part in the recent Bango webinar, hosted by Pocket Gamer, discussing:

  • How to acquire better quality, high LTV users
  • Unlocking post install user behavior to create a robust UA strategy
  • New monetization opportunities for marketers resulting from iOS14.5 tracking changes
  • How to apply Purchase Behavior Targeting techniques to increase ROAS

Insights, practical tips and tricks, and new ideas were shared. The expert panel identified the most effective ways to optimize campaigns and improve UA performance.

Led by Oscar Clark from Pocket Gamer, expert advice was given from Alexei Chemenda, CRO at Adikteev, Brett Orlanski, SVP Audiences at Bango, Hannah Parvaz, Head of Marketing at Uptime and Hagop Hagopian, CEO at Appvertiser.

Watch a recording of the webinar.

Keep an eye out for our UA masterclass for app marketers top tips guide, coming soon!

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