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Bango Audiences gather momentum in 2020

From the mysteries of a crystal ball to the grainy swirl of tea leaves, there are many, often questionable, ways to predict the future. But when it comes to data, the outlook is far clearer.

Since the global pandemic stopped ‘normal’ life in its tracks, Bango data has revealed what stay-at-home consumers are willing to pay for. Certain app categories have seen huge growth during lockdown. For example, being unable to go to the gym has led more people to download apps for coaching and motivation. Teaching children at home and the desire to learn new languages has seen a rise in education app downloads.

Bango’s data scientists analyze purchase information gathered from over $2Bn of in-app payments. This data set gives unique insight into consumer trends, usually before these are even apparent to anyone else. Created using these insights, is filled with paying user audiences, which help app marketers acquire new paying users and therefore generate revenue faster. As more purchase information is processed, the audiences offered on are continually updated.

Let’s take a look at how has evolved:

Audience growth





Alongside ever-popular payment audiences such as “high spenders” and “ready to pay”, Bango has now added new types of payment audiences to make it even more effective for app developers to acquire new users and increase revenues.

New content categories





Each of these content category audiences have been built using a source of paying users within these app categories. This has allowed app marketers to focus heavily on users of this content who are willing to pay. For example, our audience of education and learning payers in the USA is filled with users who are proven to pay for educational content, including academic education, languages, and online training courses. Through our data analysis, we know over 80% of these users made a payment in an education app, which means they are highly likely to pay in a similar education-based app.

All our new categories – social casino, sports, education, health and fitness – have seen a surge in downloads in the first half of 2020, as people turn to their mobile phones to fill their time. While live sports are now making a comeback, top level sports apps allowed fans to enjoy their favorite game during lockdown, and they now seem to be addicted.

Countries and continents





Earlier in 2020 Bango introduced audiences in two countries with the highest mobile spenders in the world – South Korea and Taiwan. More recently, the first audience in Japan was launched. App marketers can now get their campaigns straight to these high in-app spenders, which can typically cost $85 per user to acquire (Statista).

Other recent additions to the are European audiences, consisting of users in the European Economic Area (EEA), most recently the UK and Germany.

Case study





Korean app developer Nimble Neuron focussed their Facebook marketing spend using a Bango Audience of active payers in Korea. They saw a 2X increase in paying users.

“Wow! We doubled paying users for our strategy games and those we acquired were more engaged at every level of the game, simply by adding one step to our Facebook marketing campaigns. It was simple to add the Bango Audience of paying users.
We’re really pleased with the results and are looking forward to using more Bango Audiences. Targeting campaigns to new audiences of users with a history of paying for similar apps is a great short cut for app developers to grow revenue.” 
Nimble Neuron

Bango Audiences partner program

With significant growth this year, Bango Audiences now have a large customer base using this unique way of targeting paying users. As a result, we started working with a number of partners, which has led us to create the recently launched Bango Audiences partner program. There are various levels of access:

  • App marketing partner – app marketers get access to the complete set of audiences on
  • Bango Audience reseller partner – agencies become distributors of Bango Audiences to their app developer clients
  • App developer referral partner – affiliate marketing of Bango Audiences to app developer networks

If you are interested in joining our Bango Audiences Partnership Program, please contact us at