6 key purchase behavior targeting strategies that acquire more paying users

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If you knew the purchase behavior of millions of users who pay in other apps, how could you use that knowledge to improve your UA results?

Bango processes $billions of in-app payments, providing unique insights into who pays for which apps. By analyzing this purchase
behavior we identify unique insights and create custom audiences, which app marketers use to target their campaigns, gaining higher ROAS and more paying users.  

App marketers acquire a much higher percentage of paying users by using this type of Purchase Behavior Targeting in their campaigns.  

Purchase Behavior Targeting represents a revolution in Facebook advertising. Instead of targeting your campaigns at lookalike
audiences based solely on your own paying users, you can target people who have spent their money on similar apps, going straight to the people most likely to buy. With this advantage, what are the best strategies for using Purchase Behavior targeting in your campaigns? 


Here are 6 key strategies to increase the install-to-payer conversion rate from your campaigns, by using purchase behavior insights from payers in other apps.  


1. Target users who pay in similar apps to yours with custom audiences of payers 

One of the most effective approaches to acquire more payers from your UA campaigns is to target users who pay in similar apps to yours.  

A crucial part of your success is not only finding the users who play in similar apps to yours, but who also pay. 95% users play but don’t pay, so finding the elusive 5% of payers is key to growing revenue. 

You can target people who like similar apps using lookalike audiences from platforms including Facebook, but to get straight to the people who have paid in similar apps, you need a tailored audience. How? Ask Bango!  

CASE STUDY: 50% increase in D7 ROAS for social casino games 


2. Target users who pay in different app categories, that also pay in your category 

Understand which category (not yours) has the highest cross-over of payers with yours and target them with your UA campaigns. For example:  

  • 60% of arcade game payers also pay in action games 
  • 40% of puzzle game payers also pay in strategy games  

To maximize your chance of increasing paying users in your apps you will need to understand how category cross-over works for payers, not just players. Bango can provide these insights to get you straight to the valuable users and increase payment conversion rates. 


3. Target payers with high LTV in a specific app category for recurring revenue

21% of puzzle game payers made more than one purchase every month in 2020. If you target your ads to these regular payers, you can acquire a recurring revenue stream and gain an increased ROAS. 

CASE STUDY: NEXON gain 3.6X higher LTV users for RPG app  


4. Target geographies that have a high propensity to pay for apps in your category 

Because most people do not pay, you can gain an advantage understanding geographic propensity to pay for your app category, and unlock new opportunities.  

For example, Bango data shows that last year more users in Indonesia made a payment in action games, even than in the USA. 


5. Run campaigns during peak times for payers in your category 

Understand spikes in purchase behavior based on the time of year for your specific category - it’s not always as expected. For example, July
is the peak month for people starting fitness app subscriptions. Make sure you time your campaign to capture these peaks. 


6. Run campaigns to capture pop culture waves! 

Run your campaigns to payers in categories that are experiencing a surge due to pop culture waves and maximize the benefit from these valuable windows of opportunity.

For example, popular TV shows like Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ saw chess game apps surge while the show was aired. The perfect time for chess apps to target their campaigns to players proven to pay in chess apps!

Bango can provide you with the insights into purchase behavior mentioned here for your category so you can implement these top strategies in your UA campaigns. 


Get the best insights and reach paying users 

Bango is the leading provider of custom audiences that app publishers use to increase the conversion of paying users acquired from their

How? We process $billions of in-app payments for app stores, so we know who pays for which apps. 

We segment this purchase data into custom audiences that app publishers apply to their campaigns to reach new paying users. No integration, no SDK required. 

These ‘Bango Audiences’ are independent of IDFA so our clients are still achieving 50% higher ROAS. We also provide the insights to help you make the best advertising decisions, tailoring specific audiences of payers for you to achieve the very best results from your app marketing campaigns. 

To tailor your perfect audience, send us an email or get started at bango.ai.