2020: The year to find new paying app users

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Routine is part of human nature. We like to know when we’ll get up, when we’ll head off to the gym, when we can relax and when we’ll go to bed. Routine makes life predictable, predictability provides security. 

New App Annie stats show that the increasing app usage started during the initial months of lockdown has now become part of people’s daily routine. The report claims stay-at-home 2020 has advanced mobile usage by up to 3 years, with people spending 1.6 trillion hours on mobile in the first half of 2020 alone. 

Downloads have increased by 25% compared to this time last year (App Annie). Other research shows t hat in-app purchases drove $50billion of revenue, increasing by almost 25% in the first half of 2020 compared to 2019 with much of this new spending coming from time spent with a range of games titles. In contrast, in-app advertising revenues dropped. 

Bango Audiences are built by analyzing purchase behavior from billions of dollars of consumer app spending. In April, we published analysis which showed a 25 % increase in payments across categories and continents since the start of 2020. Our latest data shows that trend is continuing, even in the midst of a global recession. 

  • In the United States, paid for premium video streaming is up by well over 100% since January. 
  • Since February, Asia has seen online payments for physical and digital goods increase by over 30%. 
  • Countries in Africa have seen in-app spending rise by almost 50% compared to the start of the year. 
  • Indonesia has seen in-app payments increase by over a 40%. 

With so much growth in online activity, it is more important than ever to acquire new users that pay, which leads to the question: how do you find the ones that spend money in apps? 

The internet is awash with advice on app marketing, app store optimization, organic mobile user acquisition, paid advertising, influencer marketing, press coverage, to name but a few. So where do you start? Identifying the right approach can be time consuming and costly

There is one quick way to increase your paying user conversion and your in-app revenues. Bango Audiences are delivered as Facebook Audiences straight to your Facebook ad account that you use directly in your campaigns to reach high-spending payers in similar apps to yours to dramatically increase app installs and return on ad spend. 

At a time when consumers are spending more, and spending more often, this simple approach offers app marketers a quick and easy way to reach those users most likely to spend in app. 

Try a Bango Audience today.