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App installs indicate the number of times an app is downloaded and installed to a device. More installs mean more users acquired. App installs provide a simple way to track if your mobile app marketing strategy is working or not.


App installs need to be considered in conjunction with other metrics to provide an accurate view of success. In 2019, statistics indicated that 25% of apps that were installed were only used once within the first 30 days.


Knowing your app installs resulting from different marketing initiatives gives you a baseline metric to use in conjunction with other measures to work out KPIs including conversion rates, retention, Daily Active Users and many others.

Significance to Strategy Development

App developers and user acquisition managers use it to determine which sources or third-party platforms, such as Facebook, the app is downloaded from. This indicates which channels are more efficient than others for UA campaigns and enable a marketing focus on preferred media. It can also help pinpoint which marketing campaigns are generating the most installs over time.


There is no formula to calculate installs. One simply tallies the number of installs over a specific period of time.

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